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Storytellers and Presenters

God teaches us every day and we want to provide a platform for women to share the different things God is teaching them.

Stories are how Something to Chew On accomplishes our mission of connection, encouragement, and growth.


We have three speakers or presenters at each one of our monthly events and each speaker or presenter shares for ten minutes about how God is working or has worked in their lives regarding the topic of that month. They share through spoken word, dance or art.

The stories are God-focused, authentic, relatable,  and geared to encourage conversation among our guests. We want to hear your story!

Upcoming Events

September 2020 (online), "Perseverance" 

October 2020 (online), "The Power of Prayer"

November 2020 (online), "Salvation Stories"

January 2021 (online), "Transformed"

February 2021 (online), "Loving Different, Difficult and Demanding People"

March 2021 (in person), "Perfectly Imperfect"

April 2021 (in person), "A God of Laughter"

May 2021 (in person), "A New Me"

online events will take place in our private Facebook Group:

Ashley Doyle Pooser

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Aina diGianni

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