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Coming Events

What can I expect at an event?


All of our events are completely free. Donations are optional. Come and enjoy a nice meal and dessert! 


Some of our guests are musically talented and will be sharing a few songs.


Meet new people in a safe space. When you arrive a place card will be waiting for you and you can sit wherever you'd like.


Our speakers are every day women just like you and me who want to share their personal and authentic stories. We'd love to hear your story too!


Enjoy some of our activities designed to help you feel comfortable, meet new people and focus on the evening's topic.


Our think, pair and share time is designed to spark honest and meaningful conversation and encouragement.


Enjoy a nice meal and dessert. If you have a meal restriction, let us know at registration and we will prepare a special meal for you.

Meal Disclosure


Don't be surprised if you come away with a free gift just for coming. We love to treat our guests!

2019/2020 Events

September 2019: Overcomer

October 2019: (In)Security

November 2019: The Potter

January 2020: Life and Grief

February 2020: Take Heart

March 2020: Weathering The Storm

April 2020: New Beginnings

May 2020: An Anxious Heart

We do not hold events in December, June, July or August

Registration is open for all of our events. Invite a friend, and share on social media!

No upcoming events at the moment

— Kristine Carter, guest

— Jean Sanchez, guest

“I am still in awe of the amazing night we had!”

 “Last night was a wonderful event. It has opened my eyes and God has allowed me to realize what it means to be ENOUGH.” 

Something To Chew On Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of Connecticut. 

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